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When you are planning the care of your carpet, the first thing to do Is get a copy of all warranties for the specific carpet you have. They can usually be obtained from the retailer that sold you the carpet or the company that built your home. You are covered from 5 to 20 years by stain-resistance warranties. All warranties require you to get professional cleanings regularly and to immediately remove any spots.

There are a few things you can do yourself to care for your carpet. These include vacuuming and spot cleaning.

Vacuuming your carpet prevents accumulated dirt from doing damage such as cutting the fibers and showing early signs of wear. Always vacuum the carpet before any dirt can be seen on it. The number of times you should vacuum your carpet each week depends on the number of people living in your home. Vacuuming once each week for each person living in your home is a good rule to follow.

Spot removal is another process you can do yourself. Remove any spots or spills as soon as they occur. This is necessary to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet. Remove any bits and pieces from the spill first. Use a white towel to soak up any excess liquid after you are done removing the spot. Be careful when you do spot removal. The wrong spot remover can potentially damage your carpet. The first two years after you install your carpet, a lot of protectants are still in it. During this time, using water is sufficient for most spots. After you’ve had the carpet more than two years, you should use a spot cleaner that is made specifically for use on carpets.

Some stains and soil cannot be removed by vacuuming, spot cleaning, or protectant use. For these issues, it necessary to contact a professional carpet cleaner. Get your carpet cleaned professionally by a certified carpet cleaner at least once a year. If your carpet is exposed to a lot of traffic, it will need to be cleaned more often. A word of warning, though, be sure that the cleaner you select is educated. Otherwise, your carpet may get left with sticky residue and stripped of stain resistor.

New carpets installed in homes are protected by stain and soil resistors that are built in at the time they are manufactured. Most of these protectants wear off after two or three years, though, if the carpet is exposed to a lot of traffic. In this case, protectant should be re-applied by a professional carpet cleaner. This will extend the life of the carpet and ensure that you will be able to clean it successfully. This should be done by the cleaner after a cleaning.
Caring for Your Carpet:
Selecting the Right Carpet Cleaning Company
For the parts of your carpet care that you cannot do yourself, you will need to find a good carpet cleaning company. There are many criteria to consider in choosing the right carpet cleaning company. They include good references, education in carpet cleaning systems and technology, good equipment and cleaning products, and a guarantee.

References should be available upon request. Our company can provide references from some of the most highly esteemed professionals in the carpet cleaning business. We have the reputation of being one of the most dependable carpet cleaning companies in the vicinity.

Many carpet cleaners are not educated in their field. At Rick's Family Carpet Care,, we keep up to date with all the newest carpet cleaning systems and technology by attending seminars, certification classes, and educational courses, and by staying familiar with carpet cleaning trade publications.

At Rick's Family Carpet Care, the equipment and cleaning methods we use are all approved by carpet manufacturers. We use only vacuums that are powerful enough to make your carpet stand tall and dry fast.

We use only high-quality products from the top manufacturers which have been proven safe and effective. We guarantee that our products will remove any spots that can be removed.

You should not base your choice of a carpet cleaning company on price. A company that offers a very low price may cost you more in the long run if they do a bad job. The cleaning jobs done by our meticulous professionals extend your carpet’s lifetime, saving you money.

Uneducated or unconscientious carpet cleaners are very difficult to call back to fix the problems they have caused. Our company provides a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. When you pay for our service, we guarantee that you will get the service that you paid for. 
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